AC Drive (Inverter)

AC Drive:

Power Range: 0.75-200 KW

This drive is a compact Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that uses IGBT technology for control of low voltage AC motors. It was designed for pumping stations, fans, HVAC systems and textile applications.

Voltage: 400-480V
Output Frequency: 1-480Hz

Power Range: 0.75-1000 KW

This type is an IGBT-based VFD with unmatched levels of adaptability. This efficient drive has proven service in a wide range of applications with the highest levels of energy stability and user control.

Voltage: 400-500,525-690V
Output Frequency: Up to 200Hz


Power Range: 480-6000 KW

This drive is available with either forced air or water cooling, up to 6MW. It has the same HMI interface, software for parameter settings, control board and communication protocols

Voltage: 525-690V 

Output Frequency: Up to 200Hz